Critter Removal - Raccoon RemovalRaccoons are easy to recognize with their distinctive black mask and ringed tail. Adults mature in about a year, and larger animals may eventually reach weights of more than 30 pounds. Raccoons mate in late winter and after a 62 day gestation period they give birth to between 2 and 6 babies called cubs. The two illnesses most commonly associated with raccoons are distemper and rabies. They also carry what is called Raccoon ring worm. Raccoons are excellent climbers and are very dexterous. A raccoon’s fingers are almost as nimble as a monkey’s and they aide this creature in opening trash cans and boxes, and in disassembling building structures in order to find habitat. They are most active at night, seeking refuge during the daylight hours in hollow trees, dense vegetation, barns, chimneys, crawl spaces, walls, and attics. They are omnivores, and will feed on almost anything they can get their hands on. They are generally talented and intelligent, and live very well in conjunction with people.